When I became a photographer I never really thought about how working from home and alone most of the week would start to impact my sanity. For the first year I felt so alone.


I didn’t have a huge network of other local photographers to bounce ideas off of or vent to. Poor Jason had to listen to all my worries and stories. Being an introvert at heart didn’t help my case either. But finally I found a local photography group that had monthly meet ups and the next meet up was right around the corner. Long story short I went to that meet up (not before having a anxiety attack in the parking lot) and met some incredible people in the industry. This was the beginning of a whole new chapter in my career and I am forever thankful for that day!


Fast forward to a summer meet up we were having at the food trucks in Atlanta. We had some new faces as we went around introducing ourselves. I officially met Jill and Morgan for the first time! Jill was just starting her own wedding photography business while working her full time day job and her sweet husband was there to support her. I remember leaving that meet up excited to have met even more new photographers in the area. Later on Jill posted in one of the photography groups that she was looking for a second shooter…I think I responded the minute after she posted that and said ME!


Little did I know that everything was about to change. Meeting Jill was the best thing that happened to me that year. She has been not only an incredible photographer to work with and learn from but she has become an AMAZING friend! I am so thankful that her and Morgan came to that meet up.


*We love turning out of town weddings into weekend trips together! Below was our trip to Hilton Head Island for a wedding that we turned into a family trip, which was also Rowan’s first beach trip!*